The Recovery Toolkit

The trained staff at Norda House will work closely with you to develop positive lifestyle  strategies to help you to better cope with the emotional pain and how to change your life for the better.

Living in an abusive relationship over time has the effect of eroding self esteem and self confidence. This impairs our perception and filters our view of the world through a veil of abuse and control.

Functioning from this perspective creates a set of challenges most people would struggle to cope with. A pattern of unhelpful thinking emerges which impacts on how we feel and how we function within the world.

Left unattended to we would be vulnerable to repeating patterns within relationships in the future and in turn would reinforce the already overall negative view we have of ourselves and the world we live in.

The recovery toolkit is a set of frameworks and concepts designed to help individuals understand the consequences of living with abuse. Completion of the programme will allow them the opportunity to make changes and reduce the impact the abuse has had on them. The overall aim is to develop helpful ways of thinking and functioning in the future and develop healthy relationships.

The recovery toolkit is delivered to small groups of men both within the refuge and in the community. It is run over 12 sessions once a week each session lasting approximately 2 hours. Potential candidates are supported prior to commencing the recovery toolkit and screened to ensure they are at the right stage in their recovery to be able to understand and commit to working within the frameworks of the course.

The groups are facilitated by 2 trained facilitators who have many years experiencing supporting male victims of domestic abuse.

The Recovery Toolkit is copyright to Sue Penna Associates.