Domestic abuse service fears men and LGBT community are suffering in silence

Fearless service manager Aaron Slater, who oversees the Motherwell project, says the uptake of their service in Lanarkshire is low compared to Scotland’s large cities.

Record number of domestic abuse arrests in Kent

Kent Police arrested a record number of people for domestic abuse last year, new data has revealed.

Campaign challenging victim perception regarding domestic abuse

Over the next few months a number of posters will appear across the capital - aimed at challenging our perception of who can be a victim of domestic abuse.

For some male victims of sexual assault and abuse, #MeToo can feel more like #WhatAboutMe?They admire the women speaking out about traumatic experiences as assault and harassment victims, while wondering whether men with similar scars will ever receive a comparable level of public empathy and understanding.

Levine accuser says male victims get ignored

Chris Brown, professor of music at the University of Minnesota and one of the

‘What About the Men?’: Gender and Coercive Control, What We Know From Research

The Scottish Parliament has recently passed legislation (The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill) to recognise coercive control as a specific form of intimate partner violence.

Domestic abuse victim Alex Skeel speaks out over being ‘days from death’

The 22-year-old has urged other victims to speak out.A male survivor of domestic abuse has spoken of how he was "days away from death" after being abused physically and psychologically by his partner.

MEN TOO Male domestic abuse statistics in the UK – how many men are affected and where can they seek help?

After the tragic case of Alex Skeel came to light, we reveal the numbers of men who are also affected by violence and abuse in the home.

Alex Skeel: Domestic abuse survivor was ‘days from death’

A male domestic abuse survivor said he was "10 days away from death" before he was helped by police and medics.

Judge: Trump’s Ban on Transgender Troops on Hold Until Trial

The Associated Press 17 Apr 2018 By Gene JohnsonSEATTLE — A U.