Broken Rainbow relocates to Manchester and launches its first LGBT IDVA Service

Rainbow is excited to announce that our head office has relocated to Manchester.

The North West will be the base for Broken Rainbow’s main office and as well as new outreach programmes, such as the LGBT Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy role. The Broken Rainbow helpline will still be based in London, giving the charity much wider remit.

Jo Harvey Barringer, Broken Rainbow’s Managing Director, says:

‘We’ve had such a warm welcome from LGBT groups and organisations here in Manchester and we are so excited to be part of a place with such great LGBT history and community. And as a national charity it is only right that we have a base outside of London.’

As part of Broken Rainbow’s relocation it has also recruited of its first ever LGBT IDVA in partnership with Manchester City Council. The role’s inaugural incumbent, Tiffany Cunningham, brings a huge amount of experience to the position, and is keen to hit the ground running:

‘We’re keen to provide the service and support that this community needs, and actually deserves’

The LGBT IDVA’s role will be to offer LGBT victims/ survivors support and assistance, such as help with safety planning and risk assessments, liaising with agencies as well as support through the criminal justice system.

An LGBT specific IDVA service is important because it will enable LGBT victim/survivors, to receive the targeted support that they need, with the reassurance that as a service we fully understand the dynamics of LGBT domestic violence and work in a respectful, confidential and professional manner.

Jo Harvey Barringer, Broken Rainbow’s Managing Director, says:

‘One of the main things our service users ask for is on-going support by a caseworker and with this new IDVA post we will finally be able to offer this service. And although this initial role will be based in Manchester, our hope is that the service will grow and we will be able to host IDVA’s across the UK.’

Manchester City Council is very excited to be in partnership with Broken Rainbow and is looking forward to collaborate with them and other organisations in the North West in the near future.