Kent police and crime commissioner Matthew Scott wants action on male domestic abuse victims

By Ellis Stephenson
 Hundreds of male domestic abuse victims are not coming forward.

Analysis shows that only 8% of men came forward to see help from Kent Police.

The latest figures show there were a total of 19,461 domestic violence cases involving men and women reported to officers.

Police Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott

It comes as police in Kent reveal they still have more to do to encourage those who are suffering in silence to approach officers.

The force’s chief constable Alan Pughsley told police and crime commissioner Matthew Scott in a conversation about his Performance and Delivery Board.

ACC Pughsley said at the meeting: “Of our victims of domestic abuse, roughly 8% are males.

“Do I think all female victims are reporting domestic abuse? No I don’t, but fortunately for us it’s a much better picture than it was five years ago.

“We’re getting a truer picture from females being brave enough and confident enough to report that to us.

“The male victim [reporting] is some way behind that. It’s increasing but I think we are still some way away from most male victims of domestic abuse feeling confident enough – for many reasons – to report it.

“It’s something we’re watching carefully but by no stretch do I think that’s a true picture.”

Mr Scott said it is still important to highlight the need for people to talk about this issue.

He added: “Myself and ACC Tony Blaker have signed up as White Ribbon Campaign ambassadors, and we’re doing more to make sure that we bring male perpetrators to justice who commit atrocious acts against women.”

Having funded projects which support male victims of domestic abuse in Kent, the issue remains a priority for Mr Scott.

The chief constable responded to say the force was providing visible policing within areas of greatest need at the time.

The force also said it was arresting and charging more people in domestic abuse cases, using Domestic Violence Protection Orders more and Kent Police remains one of the best forces around coercion and control.