Man who was almost killed by fiancée urges male victims of domestic abuse to speak out

A barman has spoken out about the horrific abuse he suffered at the hands of his ex-fiancée which ended in her stabbing him 28 times.

Martyn Brown admitted he was ‘ashamed to tell anyone what was happening’, even keeping the truth about Harriet Sharp’s violent behaviour from his own family.

Sharp, 25, was jailed for 11 years earlier this month after she admitted three offences of malicious wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Martyn, 29, spent three days in a coma and was later told by doctors he was an hour away from death when his fiancée launched a ferocious attack on him in January.

He has now spoken about his ordeal in an interview with the Sunday People, saying: ‘Anyone going through this needs to know there are organisations out there that can help you. Talk to friends, talk to your family. Don’t be a sufferer like me.’

Sharp also stopped Martyn from seeing his friends and family 

Martyn has suffered from PTSD, panic attacks and hallucinations and is receiving support from a domestic violence charity.

In the shocking interview he explained that he and Sharp were living together last October when she came home drunk and stabbed him in the neck – starting a three-month campaign of domestic violence.

Martyn convinced himself it was a one-off, before the violent behaviour continued, while Sharp cut him off from his friends and family.

He said: ‘She’d slap me about when she was drunk, scratch me on my arm and scrape a knife across my leg.’

He added that she would call him ‘worthless’ and ‘scum’ when she had been drinking – but could behave perfectly normally at other times.

He suffered a punctured lung in the near-fatal attack.

Martyn never retaliated but admitted he felt trapped, explaining he didn’t feel he could speak out as a male victim of domestic abuse.

One brutal attack by Sharp caused him to have an epileptic fit, before she punctured his lung in the horrific knife attack that almost killed him.

But even then, Sharp showed no remorse – calling an ambulance for herself while faking stomach pains, only for paramedics to realise Martyn was badly hurt.

He finally came clean to his family, adding: ‘My own dad said, ‘If only you’d told me.’ I had been too ashamed and too scared.’

Martyn said he attempted suicide after being discharged from hospital, but is now trying to rebuild his life.