Shoppers raise hundreds for transgender support

SHOPPERS have raised hundreds of pounds towards helping a transgender support network.

Residents shopping in Waitrose in Southend were given the chance to support different community groups in the area and opted to give £218 towards Transpire.

Transpire was set up by Sgt Gina Denham, a police officer who was transitioning from a man to a woman, to help members of the transgender community.

Ms Denham said that the extra money will help towards travel costs.

She said: “We have got a lot of new members and their family members so it is about financing expenses and travel costs so we can reach out to them and visit them in their homes.

“It is fantastic that we have been awarded this money, and I’d like to thank everybody for their help.

“It all makes a world of difference.”

At the end of a shop in Waitrose, shoppers were given a token which they could place in a box to support a variety of good causes.

To find out more about Transpire, visit