Transgender victim glad he reported North-East rape

A TRANSGENDER man who was raped has waived his right to anonymity to tell the LGBT community they will be believed.

Scott Wilson, 20, was raped by Shelton Dube at the Newcastle hostel where they both lived, despite having earlier explained his sexuality, how he identifies as a man and how he was attracted to women.

Dube pounced in Scott’s room after they had been out for groceries, having first told him he was “pretty” and had “very kissable lips”.

Scott, speaking at Forth Banks Police Station, said: “I thought he was joking on because I had already explained, yes, I’m a trans man, I identify as a man, I’m attracted to women, I didn’t see why he could be serious.

“That was when he forced himself on me.”

Northumbria Police interview with transgender rape victim ahead of National Hate Crime Awareness Week
Northumbria Police interview with transgender rape victim Scott ahead of National Hate Crime Awareness Week

Soon after the rape, a friend convinced Scott to go to the police, saying if he did not, she would for him.

Because the allegation was made that day, police were able to recover CCTV and forensic evidence to build the case against Dube.

Scott said: “I was thinking, ‘Will I be believed? I was on my own in my room with him, it’s just my word against him’.”

But his experience with Northumbria Police, although the evidence gathering and prosecution process was tough, left him thinking he did the right thing.

Scott said: “I’m glad I did come forward, if I didn’t it would have made my life a lot worse.

“If I have been believed, it can happen to anyone else that’s scared to come forward.

“You will be believed, you will be taken seriously.”

Detective Constable Simon Dobson said: “Dube is a horrible man who has never taken responsibility for what he has done.

“He still doesn’t think he has done anything wrong.”

The officer praised Scott for coming forward and waiving his right to anonymity, saying: “We have worked together for the last year and I think we have broken down a lot of barriers.”