Whitehaven man raises cash to help victims of abuse

SUB PIC 07/08/2017 Ade Kevern and Donna Cardell, manager of The Bridgeway
SUB PIC 07/08/2017 Ade Kevern and Donna Cardell, manager of The Bridgeway

An inspirational firefighter has handed over specialist therapy items to a charity helping sex abuse victims.

Ade Kevern, who previously worked in Carlisle but is now a firefighter in Whitehaven, bought the sensory bubble tube lamps for The Bridgeway Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

The bubbles, changing colours and floating fish in the tubes help to create a calming and relaxing environment.

He also bought a range of merchandise for victims and which can be used to help spread the word about the services provided by The Bridgeway.

Ade raised £5,000 from a fundraising concert earlier this year, which was split between the Penrith-based centre and the Firefighters’ Charity.

Earlier this year he waived his anonymity to speak out about his personal experience as a victim of childhood sexual abuse and to encourage others, particularly male victims of sexual abuse and violence, to report it.

Ade said: “I am delighted that, through the generosity of family, friends and the wider community, we have managed to secure sensory equipment and promotional material for this vital service.

“The work they carry out cannot be understated, thank you for being there for those in crisis.”

The county’s crime commissioner, Peter McCall, said: “I said when Ade decided to speak about his experience that it was an incredibly brave thing to do. Now I am equally in awe of his generosity towards both The Bridgeway and The Fire Fighters’ Charity.”

Donna Cardell, manager of The Bridgeway, added: “Anything that will help provide a friendly, calm atmosphere such as the bubble lamps, will make a real difference for those who need to attend the centre.”