Domestic violence scheme not being used enough by men, it has been claimed

A DOMESTIC violence disclosure scheme is not being widely used enough by men, it has been said.

It comes after it was confirmed that no men have used the the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – commonly known as ‘Clare’s Law’, since November 2016.

The figures were revealed by a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the charity Mankind Initiative.

As a result, it is now calling for the law to be called by its full name – The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – to make it more “gender inclusive”.

Mark Brooks, chairman of the ManKind Initiative, said: “It is clear the domestic violence disclosure scheme is not being used widely enough by men.

“We believe that this is because not enough men think this legislation also applies to men.

“In the future we hope that it will encourage more men to use it and of course more women and that professionals will make men aware that the legislation applies to them.”

The FOI figures did however reveal there had been 53 requests by men on behalf of female friends.

The scheme allows men and women to ask police whether their partner has been violent in the past.

Detective chief inspector Mark Johnson at Gwent Police said: “Anyone can access the service, if they have a concern about an individual.” For more information, call 0300 123 21 33.