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Domestic Abuse – Live Web Chat

You can still view all of the conversations from the web chat by clicking on the link below:

Do you have any questions about domestic abuse?

Are you or someone you know suffering from physical, sexual, mental or emotional domestic abuse? Or is there just something you want to ask about domestic abuse?

Want to know what counts as coercive and controlling behaviour? What happens if you report? How to get the confidence to report? What you should do if you think someone you know is being abused?

You can anonymously ask professionals and domestic abuse survivors anything about domestic abuse, or just observe the conversations. Enter the live web chat by clicking the link above.

The web chat will take place from 2 – 4pm on Thursday 8 December 2016.

Not free at that time? Ask your questions in advance by emailing [email protected] and it will be anonymised, added to the web chat forum and answered during the live web chat time. Then you can view all of the conversations and the answer to your question at a convenient time later.

You can also email us and let us know what day of the week and time of day is most convenient to you so we can establish the best times for web chats in future.

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