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Watch: This Haunting Ad Highlights Domestic Abuse Through Dance


A haunting clip made by RAW productions for the Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services in the UK starts much as a relationship would. A young couple begins as equals moving in sync in the space around them. At first, it’s refreshing, open and beautiful; both are on the same page, each attuned to the other’s movement. But then, things start to shift. Their dance becomes one-sided, and it descends to the point where the girl is so controlled, she stays lifeless on the grass as the boy hovers over her in silence. It’s a powerful image and the plotline of an ad but for many, a real-life scenario. Told via the medium of dance and an accompanying haunting track, it is aimed at raising awareness of emotional abuse.

“Emotional abuse is domestic abuse,” the viewer is told at the end at the end. “Name calling, isolation, threatening and controlling behaviour are all abuse.” The compelling 2-minute clip was released in time for Valentine’s Day in order to help the public understand the signs and symptoms of such abuse and act before it’s too late. Domestic violence comes in many forms and can happen to anyone – according to statistics, 31% of women in Ireland have experienced psychological violence by a partner and 1 in 5  of these women have been in a relationship and abused by a current or former partner, and that’s just based on those who have managed to report it. The numbers are shocking, but it means it’s essential to create more awareness to; spread the word and take action if you recognise the signs.

Just as in the clip, domestic abuse can start small before it gets bigger and bigger and destroys lives.

Watch and share the video below, it’s necessary and may help save a life.

Watch: This Haunting Ad Highlights Domestic Abuse Through Dance